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User Perspective Testing
User Perspective Testing
On this work, we will test your website/app/game usability from a user's point of view.

In the video we will be analyzing:
✔ Web design
✔ Layout
✔ Call to actions
✔ Overall quality of content
✔ Color scheme
✔ Typography
✔ Navigation
✔ Errors

From this we will determine whether or not a user can easily complete your desired action (such as buying your product).

We will do prints and record a screen-cast so you will be able to see our screen activity and see our notes. We will constantly set notes to our team opinions, both negative and positive. You will be sent a link to download the video.

Platforms: Windows, GNU/Linux.

$35 gets you 5 minutes of testing.

You also can use our sample test scenario which covers most of the basics if you do not have a specific scenario.

Please note we can only test websites that are in English or Portuguese.

Expected Delivery in 7 days

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Great experience, brilliant coders and is continuing to improve my program for me. Always does a 5 star job. Will definately use again.

Great experience!!! Seller was patient and really focus on getting the job done at our expectations! Awesome customer service!!