Methark is an international company that offers Business, Technology and Marketing solutions for Professionals, Companies and Institutions to solidify their Identity and optimize their assets.


Agile Methods, Technology and Interdisciplinary minds are the keywords to our success as a business with innovative and optimized solutions packs and tools for Professionals, Companies and Government.


Our core value is to offer great solution deals with high-end technology powered by interdisciplinary methods. Also, our income is up to 45% directed to research and development of Artificial Intelligence, Critical Systems, Robotics and Neuroscience.

About us

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Our History
Methark was founded in May, 15 - 2002 together with it's first software Pilot System. The founder A.W (Arthur Wellten) was responsible for the entire company operations from production to delivery, so he quickly moved to a virtual office where more people could work to start new projects.


2004 - Methark was already well-known with it's first hit, the Pilot System 2004 (Pilots Training Software), the EconoPUCRS (Social University Web System), Websites and Web Services, Code Outsourcing, Technology Training and Consulting for great companies as PUCRS and Sisnema.


2008 - Inclusion of directed Back-office and Front-office solutions primary to the Tourism sector (Airlines and Travel Agencies) and the beginning of the NeuroStimulus project which added the Neuroscience to our knowledge base, helping our Artificial Intelligence research.


2010 - NeuroStimulus was open to medical use as a clinical hypnosis group of web and stand alone desktop applications. The ARUF methodology got its first version, being applied to Methark itself. Code libraries Outsourcing was also a memorable point. The investment was high on research.


2012 - Business consulting started to be a strong asset offered by us. Therefore, the Methark Corporate division was created and the development of Executive back-office critical software and public domain applications became part of our development endeavors list.


2015 - Methark always had the stock-market and FOREX as part of its revenue. With the inclusion of Binary Options as our investment skills, the Methark Invest sector was created in order to offer quick high ROI options to our clients.


2016 - The world's market demand for quick and affordable Business, Marketing and IT services of great interest for us. A complete company restructuring was applied. 


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